About Us

오! 한복한 인생 리슬
We don't wear Hanbok because it's a special day
It is special because we are wearing Hanbok

LEESLE, a design that has reinterpreted Hanbok, is a representative contemporary Hanbok brand
that makes an ordinary day special

Clothes that make us happy
Clothes that make us special

Try it out yourself!
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    01. We present you with a happy experience

    The uniqueness of Hanbok makes us feel special when we wear it

    We make clothes hoping that the wearer will be happy

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    02. We discover the values of tradition

    We make Hanbok a friendly fashion in everyday life

    Inspired by our tradition, we constantly create newness

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    03. We make Hanbok that will be loved for a long time

    Dreaming of becoming a 100-year-old brand representing Korea, we make Hanbok according to strict standards

    We continue cultural activities to share good experiences about Hanbok

LEESLE is the symbol of Korea's contemporary Hanbok. Its beginning dates back to 2006. In 2006, 'Sonjjang Design Hanbok', which became the birthplace of LEESLE, has introduced dress-type Hanbok In 2011, it evolved into contemporary Hanbok brand ' LEESLE' by reflecting the times

The very moment when modern Hanbok was came to our minds was the 'Wearing Hanbok 100 Times Project' It was a challenge to wear in Hanbok for 100 days in a year We expected success, but failed due to several factors. It was because the skirt was wide and long, which was inconvenient for daily activities, and people needed courage to wear it because of other people's gaze

Since then, we have been thinking about how to wear our clothes naturally and stylishly in everyday life, and this is where LEESLE with Hanbok concept began

Through LEESLE, Hanbok has been reborn as the contemporary fashion
She is at the heart of LEESLE Combining Korean tradition and modernity, she is leading the innovation of contemporary Hanbok

After many twists and turns, she started her business at the age of 20
Publishing 'I go to Hongdae in Hanbok', she created a craze for the young generation to wear Hanbok.

Her passion is to introduce Hanbok to people’s everyday life.
- CHUNGNAM National University Adjunct Professor
- SOOKMYUNG Women's University(Graduate School) Graduated from the Department of clothing
- SEOUL DDP K-pop x HANBOK Exhibition 2021
- K-ribbon (Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism) excellent cultural products Awarded for 6 years in a row 2016~2020
- Korea's representative HANBOK Designer "Hanbok Day" Seoul GYEONGHUIGUNG Fashion Show 2020
- Korea's representative HANBOK Designer "Hanbok Day" Jeonju Hanok Village Fashion Show 2018
- Paris sur mode & Milano SUPER & NY Coterie Fashion Fair 2018
- Paris Tranoi & Milano White Fashion Fair 2017
- Korea's representative HANBOK Designer "Hanbok Day" Seoul GYEONGBOKGUNG Fashion Show 2016
- SEOUL DDP - Yong Creative Korea Exhibition 2015
- About 80 design registrations
Cultural Revitalization
We present Hanbok as a popular culture content

Hanbok Parade in Jeonju Hanok Village

Fashion King Contest hosted the Korean Folk Village

Hanbok Fashion Show in Gyeongbokgung Palace

Production of stage costume for BTS Jimin

Planning and operating Hanbok Talk-talk party for 2 consecutive years

Production of stage costume for MAMAMOO

Development of Hanbok in collaboration with global artist KARD

Industrial Revitalization
We lead the revival of the Hanbok industry and economic vitality.

Pop-up store operation in collaboration with JINRO HITE collaboration

Pop-up store operation in collaboration with KIA Motors

Development of 9 functional Hanbok materials

Development and distribution of Hanbok in collaboration with E-LAND World brand SPAO

Development and exhibition of upcycled Hanbok in collaboration with HYOSUNG Group

Development and distribution of Hanbok uniforms in collaboration with WOONGJIN

Achieved crowd funding of KRW 100 million for the first time in the Hanbok industry

Achieved the largest supporters & funding amount through crowd funding for the first time in the Hanbok industry

We spreading the unique values of Korea to the world

Had an interview with The New York Times, USA

Participated in an overseas fair in Paris, France

Participated in an overseas fair in Milan, Italy

Participated in an overseas fair in the US

Appeared on Hong Kong Apple TV

Participated in Tokyo Fashion Show in Japan

Had an interview with Brunei newspaper

Operation of global website operation

We go together with you so that future generations can develop their dreams about Hanbok

Operation of Hanbok Start School

11th ASK for on-site practical training for college students

Adjunct professor at Department of Clothing, Chungnam National University

Published the book 'I go to Hongdae in Hanbok '

Online class lecture

Special lectures at Chonbuk National University, Chungnam National University, Jeonju National University, etc.

The name of LEESLE was taken from the designer's name 'I-seul, Hwang', and the first letter was changed to 'Lee' so that foreigners can pronounce it easily. We are spreading the values of LEESLE to 54 countries around the world.

The logo has a shape made by applying the circle, square, and triangle, which are the principles of creation of Hanbok and Hangeul. It has the shape of Hangul vowels and consonants.
R0 G35 B94
C100 M98 Y56 K13
Indigo, which is indispensable in Korean traditional colors, is a material that can express various colors with one material, from pale jade to deep indigo depending on the color depth of the dye.
It contains the designer’s will to express the colorful world of fashion based on Korean tradition as a motif.
R253 G186 B33
C3 M35 Y86 K0
LEESLE Yellow complements LEESLE indigo with a lively atmosphere

The main logo of LEESLE has been changed to a circle, containing the meaning of 'Accomplishment and Happiness'
It is based on traditional characters patterns and 卍 character patterns. It is used for textiles, packages, and various patterns.
Inquiries about collaboration (admin@leesle.com)