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★Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt will be sold under the policies stated below★

1. Date in which you can start placing orders
ex) The middle of June(Total of 15 days)
- The sale can end early if the products are sold out.

2. Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt promotion product is a limited product.

- T-shirtX1 = 50

3. Discount during the promotion period
- T-shirtX1 = 60.99$
★ Regular price after the promotion period ★
- T-shirtX1 = 67.99$

4. Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt are make-to-order products.
The products are under discount only during the promotion period.
Therefore, products will be manufactured after the promotion ends.
The delivery will start approximately from 2th week of August. (Not confirmed / Schedules may change later)
Please note this information when you order.

5. Delivery announcements regarding Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt
- After the end of promotion period, the products will be available from the store at full price in August.
accessories detail image-S18L90
accessories model image-S25L170
accessories model image-S31L206
accessories model image-S29L208
'Strong flavor' added to dragon anti-shirt 🔥🔥 Introducing the 'Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt', a Korean festival look that will catch your eye with its unique design.
accessories product image-S25L176
accessories model image-S25L177
accessories detail image-S34L207
accessories model image-S34L208
accessories detail image-S36L205
accessories grey blue color image-S14L20
Palace Gold Leaf T-shirt [3 Types] M / L
accessories product image-S18L96
accessories product image-S25L182
accessories grey blue color image-S25L183
accessories model image-S32L208
Won: 165cm tall, size 55 / wears black M
accessories model image-S18L99
This photo is a corrected image, please refer to the detail photo below for the actual color.
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
accessories model image-S18L98
accessories model image-S32L209
accessories model image-S18L100
accessories model image-S18L103
Dini: 163cm tall, size 44 / wears black M
accessories model image-S18L104
accessories model image-S18L105
accessories model image-S18L108
accessories model image-S18L109
accessories model image-S18L110
accessories model image-S32L211
accessories model image-S32L212
accessories model image-S19L110
Won: 165cm tall, size 55 / wears white M
accessories model image-S19L112
accessories model image-S19L114
accessories model image-S19L115
accessories model image-S19L116
Dini: 163cm tall, size 44 / wears white M
accessories model image-S19L118
accessories model image-S19L119
This photo is a corrected image, please refer to the detail photo below for the actual color.
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
accessories model image-S19L121
accessories model image-S19L123
accessories model image-S19L124
accessories model image-S19L125
accessories model image-S32L214
This photo is a corrected image, please refer to the detail photo below for the actual color.
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
accessories model image-S20L126
Dini: 163cm tall, size 44 / wears a light purple M
accessories model image-S20L128
accessories model image-S20L129
This photo is a corrected image, please refer to the detail photo below for the actual color.
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
accessories model image-S20L131
accessories model image-S20L132
accessories model image-S20L133
accessories model image-S20L134
accessories model image-S20L136
This photo is a corrected image, please refer to the detail photo below for the actual color.
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
accessories model image-S21L137
Won: 165cm tall, size 55 / wears light purple M
accessories model image-S21L140
accessories model image-S21L141
accessories model image-S21L139
This photo is a corrected image, please refer to the detail photo below for the actual color.
Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
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accessories model image-S26L183
accessories model image-S26L184
accessories grey blue color image-S16L60
accessories product image-S16L61
accessories mustard color image-S26L185
accessories product image-S30L207
accessories product image-S32L215
accessories detail image-S22L144
The symbol of royal power, 'Royal Phoenix Gold'
Since ancient times, gold has been regarded as precious because it gives off a splendid luster and does not change even after being left for a long time. Among them, the 'Phoenix' during the Joseon Dynasty was a sacred animal that symbolized the monarch along with the dragon, so the gold leaf was a symbol of absolute power that only the royal blood could use.
accessories detail image-S26L186
There are rules for gold leaf patterns in the royal family
The gold leaf of the royal family was not taken in any position in any arrangement, but was continuously sewn up to the sleeve as if walking on the right path. Lisle's Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt was also printed according to this rule.
accessories detail image-S14L29
The pattern and color are different when Lisseul makes it.
Lisle's Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt shows the royal charisma of the Joseon Dynasty that overwhelms the surroundings the moment you wear it, by reproducing the phoenix and cloud moon in the relic with a high synchronization rate as well as the royal printing method.
accessories mustard color image-S26L188
accessories detail image-S26L189
accessories detail image-S34L209
accessories product image-S34L210
The poly fabric used for the Royal Phoenix Gold T-shirt is an eco-friendly material that is 100% recycled from PET bottles. Since the process of using oil is omitted, it reduces resources, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions in the process. It gives effect.
accessories detail image-S17L51
Although it is a recycled fabric using waste plastic, the durability is overwhelming!
It is thicker than a regular T-shirt and lighter than the existing anti-t-shirt.
Create a more comfortable and long-lasting look without see-through or deformation
accessories product image-S26L191
accessories detail image-S26L194
accessories product image-S26L195
Just as humans have personal colors,
The fabric also has color compatibility.
The gold color that looks the prettiest depending on the color of the t-shirt is different, so we fine-tuned the pattern color for mauve, white, and black t-shirts so that the perfect gold color can be produced in any lighting and fabric. In order to do this, I applied a color close to 'real gold' by repeating sampling several times.
accessories model image-S26L197
The difference between luxury goods comes from detail.
From fabric to one pattern, designer Hwang Yi-Seul and color matching expert have created the perfect T-shirt after countless samplings.
accessories mustard color image-S26L199
sure over fit
Comparison of competitor's overfit vs. Leesle overfit
accessories product image-S17L63
It's definitely an overfit! Choose simply regardless of gender!
When purchasing group clothes, it was really hard to match men's and women's sizes from XS to 3XL, right? The royal gold leaf T-shirt is made in an over-fit size that both men and women are satisfied with, so it is easy to choose. M and L are the only two options to unite!
accessories model image-S22L148
Model 44 - Wearing M / Model 88 - Wearing L / Model 110 - Wearing L
Men's recommendation: M (85-100) L (105-110)
Recommended for women: M(44-88) L(99-110)

*For 88 women and 100 men, we recommend M, but if you are tall or prefer hip-hop boxy look, we recommend L.
This is a recommended size based on reviews from buyers, so be sure to compare the total length of the T-shirt with the upper body length before purchasing.

accessories white color image-S17L85
Waruru Look : 175cm 105kg Usually 110size , L is recommended!
accessories model image-S22L150
Seunghyeon: 174cm 70kg 100size usually, M recommended!
accessories model image-S22L151
accessories model image-S22L152
▲ Waruru Look: 175cm, 105kg, usually wears 110size, L / Seunghyun: 174cm, 70kg, usually wears 100size, M

Actual product colors may differ depending on the user's monitor specifications and brightness.
Jade: 155cm 40kg Usually 44size, M recommended!
accessories model image-S22L157
Size M also has an overfitting fit that covers the hips enough. Combine it with short pants to make it look like a dress. It is a good length to coordinate with short pants and bike shorts. Because the L size is large overall, the sleeves are like 7 parts, and the width is too big, so an item that holds the silhouette like a waistband is essential. If you are a size 44, be sure to choose size M!
Bonbon: 155cm 50kg 55size, M recommended!

accessories model image-S22L159
For size M, the sleeve length is just enough to cover the elbow, while for size L, it falls below the elbow. Size M is also spacious enough, so women in size 55 will find it oversized even if they choose size M. If you are short, I think you can wear a size M like a mini dress. (Short shorts are essential to wear like a dress!)
Moon: 157cm, 55kg, size 55 and a half, M recommended!

accessories model image-S22L163
I really like the non-blunt silhouette! The fact that the fabric is thick and there is no see-through is also great! M is the best fit for average to plump men and women, and L size is also large, but it is long, so I recommend it to men who are at least 175 and wear 100 or more. I think it's a good outfit for women to create with a mini dress.
Gomji: 156cm 67kg My usual size 66, M recommended!
accessories model image-S22L165
Size M is also comfortable. Size M doesn't look bulky to me, it's just a pretty fit. Size L is too wide and the length is too long. The M size also has long enough sleeves, covering the forearms well and half covering the buttocks.
Seoju: 160cm 68kg Usually 77size, M recommended!

accessories model image-S22L168
This is a t-shirt you'll be using your hands on all summer long. Size M was perfect for me. M size and L size are quite different, so choose carefully. The L size is very wide and the length also falls below the hips. If you prefer a great over fit, you can choose L size, but M size is recommended for women up to 77, as there is enough room for it!
Song : 165cm 75kg usual 88size, M,L recommended

accessories model image-S22L171
I usually wear ready-to-wear L~XL, but this dress was definitely over-fitting, so I had plenty of M too. The sleeves are too long, so I really like the forearms covered. If you are a size 88, you can choose the size M or L according to your preference. M is for casual overfitting, and L is perfect for those who like hip-hop style.
accessories product image-S17L77
accessories white color image-S17L78
#rock festival look
accessories model image-S26L201
Jade: Usually 44, wears a light purple M
accessories model image-S26L200
Bonbon (left): usual 55, white M
Jade (middle): Usually 44, light purple M
Wanna (Right): Usually 55, Black M
accessories model image-S26L202
Wanna (Right): Usually 55, Black M

#camping look
accessories model image-S26L204
accessories model image-S26L205
Moon (left): Usually 55 and a half, light purple M
Dini (Right): Usually 44, Black M
accessories model image-S26L207
Dini: I usually wear 44, black M
#couple look
accessories model image-S26L208
Model (Male) - 181cm / 70kg / Top 100 / Light purple L wear
accessories model image-S26L231
accessories model image-S26L233
accessories model image-S28L207
accessories model image-S28L208
accessories model image-S28L209
#friend look
accessories model image-S26L209
Won: 165cm tall, size 55, wears white L / Jade: height 155cm, size 44, wears white M
accessories model image-S34L211
accessories model image-S26L210
Dini: 163cm tall, size 44, wears light purple M / Bonbon: height 155cm, size 55, wears light purple L
accessories model image-S26L211
accessories model image-S26L212
Dini: 163cm 44 size, wearing black M / Moon Moon: 157cm 55 and half size, wearing black L
#leports look
accessories model image-S26L213
accessories model image-S26L214
Won: 163cm tall, usually 55, wears light purple L
#daily look
accessories model image-S26L215
Moonyi: Usually 55 and a half, wears white L
accessories model image-S26L216
Bonbon: I usually wear 55 black M
accessories grey blue color image-S16L48
accessories white color image-S12L10
accessories charcoal color image-S12L12
Light purple
accessories violet color image-S12L13
accessories -S6L13
size information
5.Sleeve Width
- The actual size above is the 'length of the section'. please note.
- Depending on the measurement method, there may be an error of 1-3 cm in size.
- The color of the product may differ slightly from the actual color depending on the resolution of the user's monitor.
- The color of the product cut is the closest to the actual product color.
Wear information
Seasonspring fallSummerWinter
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
More Details
recycled polyester 40% , Cotton 60%
Wash Care
  • Hand Wash SeparatelyHand Wash Separately
  • Machine WashMachine Wash
  • Do Not WringDo Not Wring
  • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
  • Do not use dryerDo not use dryer
white, black, mauve
Country of Origin
A/S information and person in charge
기본 (디폴트) 고객센터 / 070-4218-2293
accessories grey blue color image-S16L50
accessories detail image-S17L86
Easy to manage. Turn it inside out and put it in the laundry net to wash!
When washing for the first time, the powder attached to the outer surface may come off. Please put it in the washing net and turn it inside out and wash separately.
accessories detail image-S26L228
It does not peel off easily, but it can be deformed by strong force and heat.
Gold leaf does not come off easily even when rubbed, but it can be deformed by mechanical force (washing dehydration mode) or heat, so turn the clothes inside out and use a laundry net. Avoid using a dryer and let it dry naturally.
accessories mustard color image-S17L89
You can also try on online! PC game 'Audition' released!
accessories product image-S24L170
accessories grey blue color image-S15L42
Q. Is it ok if a male 110 wears it?
A. Men 175cm 105kg A person who is usually 110 size wears a size L. It was possible to wear it with a perfect fit without any room. Therefore, I think you can wear a size 110, but it may not be a relaxed overfit.

Q. I am a woman who is about 77,88 in ready-to-wear. What size should I do?
A. We recommend size M. If you want a boxy fit, we recommend taking one size larger in L.

Q. Can children wear it? Do you have any plans for a children's release?
A. When an adult female size 44 wore a size M, it was about an overfitting fit. Because the ribs hold it, it seems that children with the size of a skinny adult (high school students, weighing 42kg or more) can wear it with a dazed feeling. A body smaller than this would be difficult to wear. There are currently no plans for a children's release.

Q. Can I purchase the accessories (player, belt) that the models in the photo are wearing?
A. Most of these accessories are self-made by Lessel. It can be purchased from the Lisle website. After capturing a photo, if you contact us via message or Kakao Talk, we will guide you with the product name, price, and purchase link.

Q. How should I choose the size?
A. Please see the size comparison for each body type and choose the size that fits your needs. If it is difficult to choose a size, please visit our offline store according to the try-on schedule. Or, if you contact us through the Lissel KakaoTalk channel, we will recommend a size through consultation.

Q. Do you have any plans to produce other colors (other additional sizes)?
A. It is a product that matches the production price through mass production, and individual production is not in progress. If you wish to wear 200 or more group uniforms, different colors (additional sizes) can be produced, and the production price may vary. There are currently no plans to add other colors or sizes.

Q. Is the received item suspected of being a defective reward?
A. Because it is a product made by human hands, you may receive defective products from time to time. Send a message to KakaoTalk or Wadiz for suspected defective parts. We will kindly guide you.
[If it is not defective]
Unremoved seams that can be removed with scissors
Irregular stitches less than 1 inch
1~2cm error from the announced actual size (there is a difference depending on the person who measures it)
Manual error within 5mm



  • Shipping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : A Region.
  • Shipping Cost : $0 ~ $37.00
  • Shipping Time : 3 - 30 days
  • Shipping Information :

Returns & Exchanges

1. Requirements:
You may exchange or return the purchased items.
If you wish to request for an exchange or return, please call our customer service center or send an email to

- Returned items will be reviewed and refunds will be made after the review is completed.

1) Orders can be canceled in the following situations.
: Prior to the shipping of the item.
(When it is checked by the person in charge)
: When the items runs out of stock.

2) We accept return(s) if:

-you receive a product different from your order; or

-you receive a defective product.

**Return Instructions

(1) Post a return request on our Return sending an email within seven days of receipt. You are required to attach the photos of the received product(s) and include the item code, the order number, and the reason for the return.

(2) A customer service representative will be in contact to assist you by email or phone.

(3) Items returned must be in their original condition, which includes tags and any packaging. Also, you need to include a note of your order number, name, and user ID.

*Please be advised that returns are accepted ONLY IF you followed the instructions above and your return request has been approved by our staff. Returns that are shipped to us without any prior consent are not accepted.

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*Please include all contents of the original package and free gifts (if applicable) in your return packaging.

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-the products are damaged due to your mishandling
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The following items are not considered defective:

* Items that are originally manufactured without tags or labels
* Items with creases that may have been made while shipping
* Items with unsatisfactory/incomplete finish due to mass production

4) If there is a missing item from your order:

*Contact our customer service center by phone or by forum (if you cannot reach us by phone) within 1 day of delivery.
*Please keep all contents of the original package including packaging material (boxes, plastic bags etc.) with you until you are instructed otherwise.

Please note that we may not be able to process the refund for your missing item if you lose or damage any packaging material.

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